Declaration of Solidarity of the working group on trade union issues Marburg (Arbeitgemeinschaft für gewerkschaftliche Fragen Marburg (AgF))

We, the AgF Marburg, stand with the students and employees oft the Ernst Bloch University Tübingen, who, since Thursday [29.11.2018, editors note.], occupy the „Kupferbau“ [a building with lecture halls, editors note] of the university.

We welcome the initiative against the so called Cyber Valley, a cooperation of the [Eberhard Karls, editors note] University, with many private companies, for the research on artificial intelligence, which was not born out of an aim to work for the greater good and human needs, but instead out of a capitalistic motive for profit and exploitation.

Amongst others the project includes Amazon and companies of the automobile and weapons industry. In the last years Amazon is known for precarious working conditions and a massive campaign against the unionization of their employees. The Cyber Valley project stands, as an example for profit oriented science within the Bologna-System, in a harsh contrast to the free and critical education, which we as AgF aim for.

The AgF Marburg declares there for it’s solidarity with all activists and we hope, that the newly founded educational space of the Ernst Bloch University will continue to exist.