Solidarity letter by capulcu

Dear squatters,

we wish you great success and support the occupation of the Kupferbau at the University of Tübingen with heart and soul. Our view on the artificial intelligence changed significantly over the investigation of the aspects of authority.

Technology is never neutral – it is intrinsically political.
Max Weber wrote: ‘Not only its use, but technology itself is authority (over nature and humans), methodological, scientific, calculated and calculating authority. Certain aims and interests of the authority are not imposed subsequently and from the outside – they already play into the construction of the technological apparatus itself. Technology is respectively a historical-societal project; in technology is projected what a society and its predominant interests intend to do with humans and things.’

We as capulcu do not draw the ridiculous conclusion that technology is always ‘bad’. No existing ethic, historically determined in itself, would allow us to do that. We argue that technology is violence and social war.
Our critique is directed against the technological appropriation of life processes.

It is therefore important that we oppose  together against the other-directing dimension of artificial intelligence as technology. Especially when the artificial intelligence is researched and developed in a civil-military context. Hundreds of Google scientists recalled their support of the military project ‘Maven’ – an artificial intelligence, developed by Google was supposed to improve the object recognition of military drones. Consequently, Google had to end its participation in the project. We see that a critical approach in research is possible, even in the technocratic Silicon Valley. Why not in Tübingen’s Cyber Valley?

We greet all the squatters and their supporters and dedicate you our just finished text (so to say as a pre-publishing) about artificial intelligence as a gamechanger in science.
‘Correlation instead of causality – centralized power in databases’, but read for yourselves…

Korrelation statt Kausalität  – Zentralisierte Macht in Datenbanken (German)

In solidarity, capulcu

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